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September 9, 2020

Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble Suspends Live Performances Until January, 2021

Bloomsburg – Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble today announced that it would be suspending live performances until at least January 2021.

In a statement sent to BTE patrons, Jon White-Spunner, BTE Managing Director said that BTE, along with many other arts organizations in the U.S. has "carefully reviewed what is now known about the safety of indoor public performance while the threat of COVID-19 remains. Based on that review, we have decided that it would be irresponsible for BTE to resume production and performances this fall."

"As of today," White-Spunner said, "it is our intention to present a play, circumstances permitting, in mid-January. The show we have in mind is a popular, charming, widely-produced work that celebrates the resilience of the human spirit in a way that we hope will be a balm in troubled times. Because negotiations are underway, I can't reveal the title just yet. Look for a detailed announcement about our 2021 plans sometime before Thanksgiving."

White-Spunner stressed that BTE's final decision about resuming liver performances would depend on the status of the COVID-19 outbreak at the end of the year. "If, in January," he said "it is not possible to present a show in a way that ensures a reasonable degree of safety for our artists and audience, we won't do so."