BTE-produced COVID Public Service Announcements

Under contract with the Town of Bloomsburg, BTE produced four public service announcements on various topics related to public health and safety during the pandemic. The videos were written and directed by Ensemble member James Goode. Steve Gibson and Jon Nunan did direction of photography and sound.

Please feel free to share these videos as you like.

Satirical Hospital

Actors & Voices: Elizabeth Dowd, Walker Dowd-Whipple, Andrew Hubatsek, Daniel Roth, Eric Wunsch

Settings: A'nie Kirchner & Michael Yerges

Costumes: Thom Sirkot

Location: Mitrani Production Center, BTE


Actors & Voices: Elizabeth Dowd, James Goode, Andrew Hubatsek, Daniel Roth, Lily Wirth, Eric Wunsch

Statues Courtesy of: Bloomsburg Area School District, Bloomsburg University, Columbia County Commissioners

Get the Facts

Actors & Voices: Elizabeth Dowd, Lily Wirth, Eric Wunsch

Location: Bloomsburg Town Library


Actors & Voices: Amy Rene Byrne, Lucien Dent, James Goode, Eric Wunsch

Costumes: Thom Sirkot

Locations: Bloomsburg Town Park, Alvina Krause Theatre (BTE), The Study