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The Alvina Krause Theatre, the home of Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble

The Ensemble

Amy Rene Byrne

Amy Rene Byrne. Amy Rene Byrne joined Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble in the summer of 2020 and is its newest member.   Originally from Cookeville, Tennessee, Ms. Byrne came to Bloomsburg by way of West Virginia and Ohio. She attended Tennessee Technological University where, while earning a B.S. in World Cultures and Business, she also performed in every production the theatre department produced, was vice-president of Tech Players, and a member of Alpha Psi Omega, the national theatre honor society.

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Elizabeth Dowd

Elizabeth Dowd. Sometime during her Senior year at Northwestern University, Elizabeth (then known as Betsy) had a conversation with acting teacher David Downs about whether she should apply to grad school or see if acclaimed, retired, NU Acting Professor, Alvina Krause would accept her for study in Master Classes she was conducting in her home in Bloomsburg, PA. He suggested that while grad school would offer a more stable income and career track, study with A.K. would teach her more about theatre and life.

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James Goode

James Goode. BTE’s 2020-2021 Season is James’s 43rd with the theatre he helped create in 1978, with many other fellow graduates from Northwestern University who had migrated to Bloomsburg to study with the renown acting teacher Alvina Krause.

He has performed in numerous BTE productions of classic, contemporary, and original plays, most recently as Robin in last year’s The Children.

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Andre Hubatsek

Andrew Hubatsek. Andrew Hubatsek has been a member of the Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble since 2000 performing in well over a hundred roles from Peter Pan to Shakespeare's Hamlet. Before that he worked out of the New York area with theatre companies such as National Actor's Theatre, Arden Party, Riverside Shakespeare Company and The Whole Theatre.

In the deep 80's he had film roles in Kaythryn Bigelow's Blue Steel and Stephen King's Pet Sematary as Zelda, directed by Mary Lambert. He also toured solo shows to Pennsylvania schools with Rand Whipple's Learning Tomorrow.

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Daniel Roth

Daniel Roth. Before finding his artistic home with Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble, Daniel attended Adelphi University ‘81-‘85 where he studied theatre arts with a concentration in live performance. In the early ‘90s Daniel co-founded Theatre Junction, a community based acting company in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. He worked as a guest artist and intern with BTE from 1996 until becoming a resident ensemble artist in 2000.

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Eric Wunsch

Eric Wunsch. Eric Wunsch first came to BTE August 2012 as an acting intern while working as a theatre artist in the Greater Philadelphia Area following graduation from the University of the Arts.

After continuing to work freelance in Philly and as a frequent guest actor at BTE, he joined the ensemble full time in 2015.

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BTE and Ensemble Theatre

Founded in 1978, BTE is a professional theatre company devoted to producing high-quality live theatre and theatre education programs. Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble is, and is proud to be, different from most theatre companies in the United States in two important respects.

First, instead of working under the supervision of a single artistic director, Ensemble members work together to chart the artistic course of the company. They select plays for each season, and each production’s director is generally appointed from the Ensemble. Ensemble members also perform a number of managerial functions in close coordination with the company’s administrative staff and board of directors. BTE is a leader in the national ensemble theatre movement and is a founding member of the Network of Ensemble Theatres.

As proclaimed in its mission statement, BTE is “dedicated to collective artistic empowerment, dynamic collaborations, and a symbiotic engagement with a wide range of audiences, using entertainment and education to challenge, inspire, and excite.”

The second way BTE differs from most theatre companies is that members of the Ensemble are permanent, full-time residents of the place where they perform. This fact has allowed BTE to develop deep connections with the people of Bloomsburg and the other Central Pennsylvania communities it serves, a commitment to place inspired by the legendary acting teacher Alvina Krause. Krause, herself a Bloomsburg resident and BTE’s founding artistic director, spoke of theatre companies that would be as important to their communities as schools and churches.

This commitment to place has been manifest in BTE’s creation of original plays from local stories, and its Theatre in the Classroom and Project Discovery programs.

BTE productions draw an audience of close to 20,000 each year. Hundreds of thousands of area elementary and secondary students have participated in BTE’s educational programs over the last 40 years.

BTE’s work is continually enlivened by collaboration with guest artists -- actors, acting interns, designers, and playwrights -- who visit and often live in Bloomsburg to assist with productions. These relationships have built up a family of artists that expands BTE’s capacities beyond the Ensemble and connects it with the national theatrical community.

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Member Emeritus

An Emeritus Member is an artist who has served at least 20 years with the Ensemble at the time of his or her departure from the company.

Laurie McCants

Gerard Stropnicky

Resident Associate Ensemble Member

Cassandra Pisieczko

Associate Ensemble Members

Peter Brown

Tom Byrn

Richie Cannaday

Jerry Matheny

Whit MacLaughlin

David Moreland

Seth Reichgott

Martin Shell

Leigh Strimbeck

Rand Whipple

Affiliated Artists

These artists are exceptional guest artists who maintain ongoing, long-term relationships with BTE. We thank them for their commitment.

Bob Rush, Anastasia Davidson, Kali Quinn, Steve Gilliland, Jeffrey Leighton, Joshua Gallagher, Cecilia Durbin, Amber Williams, Mac Dowd-Whipple, A’nie Kirchner, Michael Yerges, Earl Martz, Michael Mengine, Kristen Bailey, Sarah Forsythe, Renee Fawess, William Decker, Rebecca Ermisch, Heath Hansum, Richard Latta, Ellen Lenbergs, Samantha Norton, Lynne Porter, F. Elaine Williams, Melissa Matthews, Paula Davis, Mary McNaugher, Monica Johnson, Lydia Hannibal, Bruce Candlish, Karen Anselm, Julie Petry, David Miller, Ethan Krupp, Nick Troisi, John Golomb, Aaron White, Jenny Kenyon, Michael Fritz, Gordon Wenzel, Connor Henry, Geddeth Smith, A.C. Hickox, Elizabeth Wislar