Patchworks: Life and Legends of the Coal Towns - Theatre In the Classroom - 2022 Touring Production

TIC shows are original works presented in an animated story-theatre style featuring imaginative props, costumes, music, and student participation followed by a lively post-performance discussion.

Patchworks: Life and Legends of the Coal Towns
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What was it like? Tin lunch pails, coal cars, mule trains, breaker boys, wash day, heavy boots, playgrounds in the shadow of the coal breaker, life underground and coal dust the air, on clothes, in lungs, in the soul...

An uplifting collection of stories, songs, and first-person narratives woven together illustrating life in the mine patch. Hear the thunder of underground explosions and voices emerging from the clatter of the coal breakers.

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Complete information about how to bring a TIC performance to your school or venue is available by contacting BTE School Programs Director Paula Henry. Contact her via email or by phone at 570-458-4075.

About BTE's TIC

Over its 40 year history, TIC shows have covered a wide variety of topics including inventors and their inventions, ancient myths, space travel, history, adaptations of world folk literature and more! Two generations of teachers have found the shows to be a tool for curriculum enhancement and a unique opportunity for students to discover the world from other perspectives.

What to expect with a TIC performance:

'Ancient Thunder' - A Virtual TIC show

To help schools meet the challenges imposed by social-distancing and remote instruction, Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble’s Theatre in the Classroom is creating work that can streamed into schools and student’s homes. Virtual TIC combines live introductions and question and answer sessions with pre-recorded content to create unique, rich learning experiences based on time-tested TIC programs.

Ancient Thunder presents the exciting world of Greek mythology, introducing students to stories that have influenced history and world culture for the last 2500 years.

Ancient Thunder Study Guide

BTE has created a special online study guide for Ancient Thunder. A downloadable PDF version of the study guide is also available.

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