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September 1, 2021

Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble to present 'Airness,' A hilarious comedy about the competitive world of Air Guitar

Bloomsburg – Starting September 16th, Bloomsburg Theatre Ensemble will present Airness by Chelsea Marcantel. Airness is a rockin' comedy "about being authentic to your true self, letting go of your inhibitions and accepting others as who they are" states Onstage Colorado. When actual guitarist Nina enters an air guitar competition, she thinks the whole thing is pretty silly, but she soon discovers that it takes real talent and charisma to become the champion. Does Nina have what it takes to do more than play pretend and seriously rock it?

Airness marks a triumphant return to live, in-person performances for BTE in the Alvina Krause theatre. Eric Wunsch, ensemble member and Airness director explains that "18 months ago, we were a week away from opening this play in our theatre. It was a show we felt proud of, and then it abruptly ended. We lost a couple of beloved cast members, and everything changed. So, it is an unbelievable pleasure to be finally presenting this show that celebrates the ecstasy of live performance and the rock star inside us all!"

BTE is also celebrating a return to the stage for Aaron White (D Vicious), a longtime friend of the company and guest artist who is starting his candidacy to become a full-time ensemble member. The passage of time also sees a return to the Alvina Krause stage for founding BTE member James Goode (announcer) as an emeritus performer. The cast also features ensemble members Amy Rene Byrne (Cannibal Queen) and Andy Hubastsek (Facebender), as well as guest actors Marisol Rosa-Shaprio (The Nina), Dominic Santos (Golden Thunder), and Jon Schultz (Shreddy Eddy).

Even though Airness is a face-melting good time it also illustrates the importance of friendship, repairing damaged relationships, and one women's journey to find herself through abandoning her preconceived notions of what it really means to experience true Airness.

Airness runs from September 16th through October 10th. Season tickets and subscription packages can be purchased by visiting BTE's website or by calling the BTE Box Office at 570-784-8181, and do not hesitate to leave a message. Single tickets go on sale August 25th. Airness is intended for a mature audience as it contains sexual themes and adult language. Airness is produced by special arrangement with Broadway licensing